The Last Tribe - A Film by Simon Glass

Dogspotting - A Film by Simon Glass


Release Date: 31 July 2012
Country: UK
Length: 2:26 mins.
Format: HD Video


“Die Religion... ist das Opium des Volkes”
“Religion... is the opium of the people”

- Karl Marx

Playing on Karl Marx's notable quote comparing religion to opiate addiction, this 2012 Film Four Scene Stealer twists the opening sequence of Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting around re-imagined characters, each with their own religious dependencies.


Producers: Thomas Pitt, Chloe Trayner, Simon Glass
Camera: Nick Everett
Editor: Stefan Fairlamb
Music: Joseph Murgatroyd
Art Director: Rachel Barker
Make-Up: Stephanie Kemp
Graphics: Casey Tenhue
Sound Recordist: Marvin Wentao
Sound Mixing: Ben De Vries
Clapper Loader: Cristina Cretu
Gaffer: Matt Giblin
Camera Trainee: David Anthony Thomas
Art Dept. Assistant: Simon Watson


Fenton Richard Galloway
Mud Faz Shah
Jew Boy Charles Simmons
Buddhie Simon Moore
Dogmie Thanasis Manitarellis
Priest Alfie Israel
Skinheads Bod & Bear
Jewish Woman Hayley Warner
Muslim Woman Zainab Al-Hariri
Nun Caroline McCabe
Football Team Gladiators F.C.


“From running over pedestrians whilst tearing through Leeds on a broken tricycle - cameraman strapped to the back - to knocking dents out of a car bonnet at 6 a.m. to the amusement of on looking taxi drivers, we begged, borrowed and stole all we could to make this film. DOGSPOTTING turned into an obsessive pursuit to recreate the opening scene of Danny Boyle's film frame-by-frame, whilst adding some talent of our own.

“Shot on a Sony FS-100 with selection of Zeiss primes. Edited on Final Cut Pro. A huge thanks to everyone who gave up their time, sleep and dietary requirements to make it happen.”

- Film Four Scene Stealers Entry Information